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We are delighted to announce that Global Events was the winner of the "Best Use of Onsite Technology" category at Innovators Awards held at AirTime 2023 by EventsAir.

Our delivery of the 29th Scientific Conference of Hellenic Medical Students showcases our dedication to innovation, inclusivity, and accessibility.

Our self check-in system, which efficiently processed 1200 check-ins in just 4 hours, showcases remarkable speed and operational efficiency.

Global Events' commitment to inclusivity is evident in the user-friendly interface, available in both Greek and English, catering to a diverse international audience.

Global Events went above and beyond with a multifunctional mobile app, offering attendees access to event schedules, maps, speaker information, and real-time updates. The inclusion of self-registration empowered attendees and lightened the workload for event staff, fostering a seamless experience.

Congratulations to all of our Global Events team for their exceptional achievement in revolutionising onsite technology. The dedication to enhancing the event experience is commendable.